Üventory, On The Beat...

I will like to show you some things the Üventory team has been working on and achieved in the past weeks.

The UI/UX team made adjustments to the design created out and went on to complete the UI design on Figma for the frontend team to implement. Here you will find the design figma.com/file/L8IYSFsTYNFp0GOMmvg6oT/Uvent..

The Product Management team continued to manage and monitor the task management dashboard created on Jira by updating tasks across all sub teams and assigning those to be responsible. Reports were received from the PMs assigned to each sub team to ensure that the project was moving at the required pace. The stand-up meetings continued 3 times in the week so as to accommodate the tight schedules of the team members. To deliver the MVP, the team prioritised the features for the product.

The Data Analytics team started building a reporting dashboard using data sourced from Amazon Website datasetsearch.research.google.com with focus on Kaggle. The data obtained helped in targeting potential users of the Üventory system.

The Digital Marketing team continued creating and uploading contents according to their content calendar and media strategy on all social media platforms and on the blog which they created. The end to end marketing plan and email newsletters are being worked on and the drive for users to sign-up with their emails on the landing page is ongoing. The Uventory social media handles are ready and can be followed on these handles instagram.com/uventory web.facebook.com/Uventory-105595122200711 linkedin.com/in/uventory-software-320ba2242 twitter.com/uventory

The Graphic Design team designed flyers/infographics according to the content provided by the digital marketing team for the social media platforms.

The Frontend/Backend/Mobile App Development team made adjustments based on the feedback received from the previous review call on the landing page and have also began the mobile application for Üventory. There is still work on going on the pages but you can have a sneak peak here u-ventory.github.io/startup

The Quality Assurance team wrote test cases for the website which are being implemented on the landing page.

The Customer Relationship Management team worked on the Chabot and completed it so it can be mounted by the Frontend Developers and tested by the Quality Assurance team. We began the Chatbot on the on the 7 days free trial of Tidio, when that expired, we had to be downgraded but were still fortunate to have some features that would enable Üventory to achieve the 100 email subscribers it targeted. The HubSpot account has been created, and the email marketing system is set up for customers to begin to subscribe.

The Üventory team goal is to create the inventory product that will bridge the gap between manufacturers of products and suppliers of products. In this way, there will be a two way connect of businesses with suppliers and vice versa.

In a nutshell, Üventory will be a marketplace for buyers and suppliers that will enable e-commerce and B2B services with the compliment of inventory management